A Pentland Garden Diary

My home-made natural slug killer is ready!

I was quite surprised when I removed the lid to still see some of the slugs alive – hardy little wotsits – oh, and the smell….! (it didn’t seem to put Cosmo off though – he was definitely up for having a taste, thankfully this brew is only harmful to other slugs).

Sun, Champagne, Sabrage & Stuff!

In fact it was rather an outdoorsy week – after gathering some elderflowers from a neighbour’s garden on Wednesday, Bees & I made some elderflower ‘champagne’ followed by a day at The Royal Highland Show. On Friday I was given the chance to do a Champagne sabrage in Drumsheugh Gardens as part of a lunch hosted by Piper Heidsieck at The Bonham Hotel.

We Have a Rockery – Sat 14th June

It was also time to dig over our rockery area and plant an assortment of Heathers, Saxifrages and a Lavender, they don’t look much just now but once they’ve grown a bit, I think it’ll be a lovely part of the garden and a big attraction for bees and butterflies.

Broccoli, Brussels & Borage – Weds 11th June

Now my first batch of seedlings have all been planted I did some more – some fancy ornamental grass (Pennisetum Cream Falls – needed to check the spelling on that one! 😉 that we bought at the weekend for our borders as well as some more Nicotiana and some Borage – hopefully with the warmer weather they’ll spring up quickly.