Wasps Nest & Weeding

Whilst sat having breakfast in the garden we noticed a couple of wasps landing and crawling between the decking – uh oh – that can only mean one thing…!

So we took a trip along the road to Dobbies garden centre to buy something to get rid of a wasps nest, some weed killer and some meat for a bbq. A few hours later we return £100 lighter with all of the above AND 18 plants for our hanging baskets (amelloides Variegata Felicia, Molimba Yellow Argyranthemum, Blue Surfinia, Rapunzel Red Verbena, Gold Flash Lotus, Tumbelina, variagated Nepeta & Fleurie Blue Nemesia)  at the front of the cottage, stakes for our fruit trees, an upside down tomato plant grower (oh yes!) and a tomato plant, 6 herb plants (tarragon, oregano, lemon thyme, chives, fennel & parsley) and 3 x 60L of compost!

Weeds - need to set up a compost heap
Weeds – need to set up a compost heap

Tasks Ticked off: 

  • Weeding: cleared all the Rosebay Willowherb from back and front garden.
  • Sprayed the dandelions, thistles and nettles with weedkiller (particularly enjoyed going round with the squirt gun, felt a bit like a ghostbuster).
  • Weeded and composted a plant bed ready to plant some veggies.
  • Science sprayed the wasp nest killer between the gaps in the decking once it got ‘dusky’ – no idea where the nest actually is so I guess only time will tell if we got them!

    Weed Busting - much fun!
    Weed Busting – much fun!

Happy Things:

  • Blossom has appeared on our recently planted, small and not very leafy, apple tree
  • We also had our first proper bbq, in the garden in the sun (we’ve already had a few this year but they’ve been under the canopy with heaters so not quite the same).
  • Our apple tree has blossom
    Our apple tree has blossom




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