More Wasps Nests, Weeding & Planting – Sun 1st June

Another lovely & busy day in the garden despite discovering 2 more wasps nests in the garden shed! It was warm, if a little cloudy – perfect gardening weather!

photo (82)

Tasks Ticked Off:

  • Science planted the tomato plant in it’s upside down ‘grow bag’ (I love the concept, can’t wait to see if it works).
  • Planted the bed that I’d prepared yesterday with garlic, white & red onions, beetroot, lollo rosso lettuce, radish & peas – I may have been a bit late but we’ll see
  • Weeded and composted another bed and planted a ‘Timperley Early’ Rhubarb and a blackcurrant (the sole remaining fruit bush after our puppy got the rest)
  • Weeded & composted the herb garden and planted some new ones – lemon thyme, chives, oregano, fennel, parsley, basil & tarragon
  • Planted some hanging baskets for the front of the house
  • Trimmed the ornamental cherry arch that had got quite out of control.
  • Apple & pear trees staked (thank you T!)

photo (83)

Happy Things:

  • The baby coal tit fledged the nest box and we saw it taking it’s first few hesitant flights – lovely to see but sad to see them go
  • Another BBQ with passing friends
  • The idea to start this blog

Things to do/look up:

  • Something in the tap/fonts at the front of the house – possibly trailing, like an ivy
  • Re-pot the bamboo plants & find a home for them
  • Create a compost heap
  • Create a slug killer – found this interesting method & heard that beer might work…
  • Get a sprinkler for the watering can – planted seedlings a bit delicate for a torrent of water
  • Get a bucket – an old cat litter tray isn’t really that great!
hanging baskets for the front of the house
hanging baskets for the front of the house

Max (our tabby cat) caught a mouse & brought it in for us – bless!

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