Nothing to see here…(but a great to-do list for the weekend!) Weds 4th June

…quite literally – what a vile day – definitely not conducive to doing anything in the garden!

raindrops on our 'firebush' - not sure if that's the right name for it but it's what we call it!
raindrops on our ‘fire bush’ – not sure if that’s the right name for it but it’s what we call it!

I did however make a nice list of gardening jobs for the weekend (take note C & C who are coming visiting this weekend – plenty to do :o)

  • Weed the ‘secret patio’
  • Re-pot Bamboo plants
  • Weed the tap features at front of cottage (& plant trailers/ivy in them)
  • Weed the various urns/pots around the garden ready for re-planting
  • Weed bottom plant bed, transfer soil & then plant broccoli & sprout seedlings
  • Pot/Plant the Nicotiana (tobacco flower) seedlings
  • Rake up all the leaves/debris around the garden
  • See if I we can get the big weeds out that I sprayed last weekend
  • Get new tomato plant & repair the hanging grower
  • Remove wasps nests from shed & burn!

Let’s just hope this article I saw earlier is way off…….

UK weather: Met Office issues warning ahead of rain, thunderstorms… and top temperatures of 24C

Volatile weather expected on Saturday, including possibility to localised flooding due to heavy rainfall

Met Office Chief Forecaster Frank Saunders said: “The public should be aware of the potential for localised flooding due to the intensity of these storms, although at this stage the location of the heaviest rainfall is uncertain.”

The weather in the south of England will be something akin to a tropical storm, with the muggy climate expected to hit 24 degrees.



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