Re-growing Ginger, a Sprinkler & Mouse Murderers – Tues 3rd June

rhizomes starting to bud - check!
rhizomes starting to bud – check!

I saw a fascinating article on mashable about veggies you can re-grow from scraps and it said that

“Ginger regrows itself if you plant it in soil. Make sure you pick rhizomes with green buds on them, as they have the highest chance to grow. You can also dig up the root, taking off pieces as need be, and then replant it afterwards.”

Read full article here:

I doubt I could wait 3 years for a pineapple to regenerate but interesting nonetheless!

So………. I planted a couple of ‘rhizomes’ (nice to learn a new word) that we had in the kitchen that were starting to ‘bud’ – no idea if it’ll work but we use a lot of ginger when cooking so would be fantastic if it does!

shiny new sprinkler on my watering can - little things... :o)
shiny new sprinkler on my watering can – little things… :o)

And, I got a new sprinkler for my watering can – works like a dream and now I don’t need to worry about washing out my newly planted seedlings!

Also, I finally got around to ordering myself a new sun lounger with some birthday gift vouchers (thanks mum!) – fingers crossed it arrives before the weekend (& that the weekend is sunny of course :o)

Late night Carnage: it looks like the cats & pup have unwittingly teamed up again – this time it was a mouse, initially caught by Max, it made a an escape bid through the bannisters  only to be eaten whole by Cosmo who was sat downstairs wondering what was going on – a lot less messy than the pigeon but can’t get the image of it’s tail hanging out the side of the pup’s mouth before he swallowed it, out of my mind!


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