Blissful Pottering in the Garden – Fri 6th June

Such a gorgeous day & after last night’s ‘networking’ (ahem!) I took the executive decision to finish up early and potter about in the garden!

photo 1 (6)

Nothing too strenuous – a bit of weeding – it’s now full on war with the Rose Bay Willow Herb, it’s everywhere!

Tobacco Flower Seedlings planted
Tobacco Flower Seedlings planted

I planted my Nicotiana seedlings (can’t wait for them to flower, apparently they smell lovely, thank you Bees – you may soon get to see/smell your Christmas present) and then cleared out the odd tap things at the front of the cottage ready to re-plant with some nice trailers/ivy.

Now cleared out & ready to re-plant
Now cleared out & ready to re-plant

Observations – the garlic I planted last weekend is already starting to sprout (or it could be red onions – not sure if I haven’t got the labels the wrong way around – guess time will tell!).

In other news I ordered a new 9L jam pan so that I can make my nettle beer – I realised last week  that I didn’t have anything big enough! It’ll also be useful for when all the raspberries come out in the hedge outside!




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