The war on Slugs begins – nematodes are my friend!

A quiet couple of days on the gardening front however daily inspections are showing new things coming up every day – the red onions, garlic & radishes are the latest to start appearing.

my haul from last night's slug hunt
my haul from last night’s slug hunt

The rhubarb and parsley seem to be getting chomped so last night we went out at dusk to collect a load of slugs to try out a natural slug repellent method that I found online – it involves a bucket, some weeds, tap water & slugs! (I had to use my veggie steamer as couldn’t find anything else with holes in the lid – the neighbours think us quirky enough as it is – bet they wondered what one earth we were up to!)

So the 30 odd slugs collected last night (there were literally hundreds) are now happily infecting each other. Unfortunately, I read to the end of the method and discovered it actually takes 2 weeks for the potion to be ready but once it is, it gives up to 6 weeks slug protection so I might need to check out the ‘beer method’ in the meantime, lest the rhubarb & parsley don’t make it!

PS – I’ll be wearing gloves next time, who knew that it’d be ‘that’ hard to clean slug slime off your hands!

Slugs are now hopefully infecting each other
Slugs are now hopefully infecting each other


  • Spotted a wee Robin on the fence last night – we have several in Winter but has been months since I last saw one
  • Also saw a Grey Wagtail on the decking for the first time, often see the Pied ones here – they do make me smile!
  • A few still days means that I’m now completely covered in midge bites – time to order in some more skin So Soft (or other midge repellent) I think!

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