My home-made natural slug killer is ready!

After 2 weeks of my slugs ‘brewing’ away it was time to finish the process and protect our plants!

For those who missed Stage 1 – click here

After 2 weeks 'brewing' - ooh, the smell!
After 2 weeks ‘brewing’ – ooh, the smell!

I was quite surprised when I removed the lid to still see some of the slugs alive – hardy little wotsits – oh, and the smell….! (it didn’t seem to put Cosmo off though – he was definitely up for having a taste, thankfully this repellent is only harmful to other slugs).

I topped the bucket up with water and then sieved the mixture into a watering can so I could put it straight on to the garden. Apparently this will give up to 6 weeks of protection from ground slugs.

Now to get 'that' into there...
Now to get ‘that’ into there…

Also, I can keep the ‘crud’ and use that to seed my next batch which should be much quicker now that the nematodes are concentrated.

Will be interested to see if it works, in the meantime, I think I’ll pop out tonight and get some more slugs (this time I’ll be wearing gloves – it took a LOT of scrubbing to get the cack off my hands the last time).

Take that slugs!
Take that slugs!


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