Plant Food Maker – has anyone got/used one?

On our way back from a night in town we stopped at The Range in Fort Kinnaird to have a look at the gardening section, we can’t seem to go past a garden centre or shop at present and we definitely need to get a few things (a hose pipe is top of the list as all this dry weather is proving that a watering can (& one outdoor tap) isn’t the most viable way of keeping things watered! ).

photo 3 (11)

Science spotted this amazing sounding plant food maker that uses your kitchen waste and transforms it into liquid plant food, it was only £25 so we thought we’d give it a try as we haven’t gotten around to sorting out a compost heap or got our chickens to eat our scraps.

We also bought an amazingly cheap lavender, £3.99 – the same size is £10 in Tesco and even more in Garden Centres, a Sempervivum (only £2.99) for our rockery. They also had loads of fruit and vegetable plants, all really healthy looking and at a steal – will definitely be going back there! (we forgot the hose pipe though!)

Lavender & Sempervivum to go into the rockery.
Lavender & Sempervivum to go into the rockery.

It was however, the plant food maker that we were super excited about! We put it together as soon as we got home – the instructions weren’t particularly well written but it was easy enough to set up. It seems to be only green leaf waste that you use and suggests, lettuce, cabbage, brussel sprout leaves, carrot tops, dandelion leaves, nettles & grass. I was hoping for a more comprehensive list so went to the website advertised – it doesn’t exist. I emailed the customer service email address, it bounced back, I found their twitter, last updated over 2 years ago – so am now getting a very sinking feeling that this isn’t going to be as good as we’d thought.

photo 2 (17)

Online searches aren’t providing much information so if anyone has one of these or knows where we can find more info on what green leaf waste we can use (ie can we use any weed/plants from the garden), I’d really love to hear…

Thanks in advance!

2 thoughts on “Plant Food Maker – has anyone got/used one?”

  1. I should very much like any similar information to yourself. Bit concerned I may have bought a piece of useless junk.

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