brussel sprouts

Alas, our brussel sprouts can’t be deemed a success!

And so when people are out buying beautiful trees of sprouts ready for their Christmas dinners – I find this at the bottom of our garden!!!

brussel sprouts

Along with our broccoli, which grew really well but had such a small head we waited for it to get bigger – it didn’t, it flowered, most beautifully I might add – but the space used for such a small broccoli head means we won’t be trying that again next year (maybe a different, more researched variety though…).

Luckily we were gifted some ‘foraged’ ones so S will still get his fill of locally grown greens for a few months. Personally, I can’t really stand them! & we definitely won’t be making them mistake of giving any leftover ones to Cosmo – jee whizz!

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