Honeysuckle and a Hen House

Another glorious sunny day and despite the aches and pains from yesterday’s labour it was time to get the hen house built – not a bad job considering it was us! Although we perhaps didn’t need to dig up the paving slabs. Still at least that hole would make a nice unobtrusive home for our composting bin (thanks for that suggestion Colin!).


Now we just need to paint it with a water based wood preservative and get the ‘henny’ accoutrements we need and we’ll be ready to get our new additions – can’t wait!

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A backbreaking but satisfying afternoon in the garden

We decided to take a cheeky long weekend and get stuck into the gardening we missed out on after last weekend’s return of Winter weather.


We had a ton of soil to move from the front of the cottage to the back garden, a job in itself. This year we ordered it from onlinesoil.co.uk – we certainly paid for the 20kg sack convenience and for the high quality (screened to 10mm) this time (last year we bought 3 x ton bags of standard top soil and the lorry couldn’t get close enough to deliver it where it was needed) but I think it’s well worth it, it feels, amazing and is a really rich dark brown – think our veggies will love it!

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A new facebook community for Gardeners in & around The Lothians

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 12.09.51

After collecting some excess strawberry plants and swapping some seeds with a facebook friend at the weekend it got me thinking about hosting a plant & seeds swapping event one afternoon. That then got me thinking that there must be loads of keen gardeners in and around the Lothians that might benefit from a community where we can do exactly that, share tips, create events and even rally some troops for some manual assistance if anyone has a larger gardening project.

So, I’ve created the Lothian Gardeners facebook page – I hope we can build a really lovely community and help each other out along the way

Please feel free to share and join and I look forward to seeing this community grow as well!

Winter returns but we will not be defeated (well only a little bit)

Summer visited us throughout the week, thermals were cast aside and flip flops and shorts became the norm. Garden purchases made last weekend arrived – a chicken coop, a potato barrel, a solitary bee house and a shed load of top soil, all ready for another glorious weekend in the garden….

….right up until Saturday morning when the snow returned (along with hail, rain and high winds), dashing all those plans. (Also, S had fallen over whilst assisting with the top soil delivery and cut his knee open so can barely walk).

Strawberries in their planter
Strawberries in their planter

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Full Moon Dinner at The Secret Herb Garden

I was lucky enough to be surprised with one of these amazing dinners at the weekend as an early birthday present – I can’t recommend this highly enough as a foodie treat for gardening lovers. IMG_3093 I’ve been a fan of the Secret Herb Garden since it opened last year, it’s a very special place with a lot to offer beyond simply being a lovely garden centre. I’ve been keeping an eye on events on their facebook page and am still swithering on signing up for their bee keeping course (I’ve been hospitalised by a wasp sting so may not be the brightest idea I’ve ever had) but their new full moon dinners take things to a whole new level.

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Farewell Winter & HELLO Summer!

After what seems like a very long Winter we seem to have skipped straight on to full Summer, from snow at the start of the week to shorts and Piz Puin by the weekend, hurrah! I’ve been itching to get back in the garden and the Easter weekend came up trumps.

FullSizeRender (3)

The buddleias that took sickly after planting them out too early are now back outside with lots of new leaves sprouting. I gave the herb garden, hanging baskets and potted plants a good pruning (there are some I’ll be highly surprised to see recover but ‘hope springs’ and all that…)

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