Winter returns but we will not be defeated (well only a little bit)

Summer visited us throughout the week, thermals were cast aside and flip flops and shorts became the norm. Garden purchases made last weekend arrived – a chicken coop, a potato barrel, a solitary bee house and a shed load of top soil, all ready for another glorious weekend in the garden….

….right up until Saturday morning when the snow returned (along with hail, rain and high winds), dashing all those plans. (Also, S had fallen over whilst assisting with the top soil delivery and cut his knee open so can barely walk).

Strawberries in their planter
Strawberries in their planter

But not to be defeated, we went and collected some strawberry plants that had been kindly donated by a friend with an excess, a few different varieties so really looking forward to seeing those bear fruit in due course. We also stopped off at Edinburgh Chickens in Bonnyrigg to look at some hens and get an idea of what we might like, how much they cost etc

pick me....?
pick me….?

Sunday was another mixed bag weather-wise but I did manage to get into the garden briefly to pot some of the strawberries and some sunflower seeds.


A bit disappointed with the potato barrel, it’s not that well made and not at all easy to put together, even though it really should be. For the price of it I was expecting a lot better quality. Hopefully once it’s got some compost in it, it’ll stabilize and not be quite so ‘shit’ though.

Someone looks very happy with their handywork...
Someone looks very happy with their handiwork…

The bee house however, is lovely and that also managed to find it’s way up on to the side of the shed between showers.


I also noticed lots of shoots where we’d planted some garlic last year and I pulled one up to discover the individual cloves have become mini bulbs, am guessing I’ll just need to separate them and replant them for this year’s crop (although i may just look that up before I do anything)

one chicken coop ready to be assembled..
one chicken coop ready to be assembled..

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