A backbreaking but satisfying afternoon in the garden

We decided to take a cheeky long weekend and get stuck into the gardening we missed out on after last weekend’s return of Winter weather.


We had a ton of soil to move from the front of the cottage to the back garden, a job in itself. This year we ordered it from onlinesoil.co.uk – we certainly paid for the 20kg sack convenience and for the high quality (screened to 10mm) this time (last year we bought 3 x ton bags of standard top soil and the lorry couldn’t get close enough to deliver it where it was needed) but I think it’s well worth it, it feels, amazing and is a really rich dark brown – think our veggies will love it!

So, we’ve finally properly filled all our raised beds (we ran out last year) and they’re all ready for planting. I moved our blueberry – the rhubarb was taking over in it’s previous spot, and I split and re-planted some garlic bulbs I found sprouting that must’ve been leftover from last year.

IMG_3206 (1)

The previous owner had clearly designed the garden to be low maintenance and there are large areas covered in bark after we had it cleared so we removed large amounts of that away and laid down more of the top soil to create some plantable areas. We’d decided that it would be nice to have a wildflower patch and courtesy of BBC’s Countryfile we had 4 packets of mixed bee & butterfly friendly seeds so we sowed those – a massive variety of annuals, biennials and perennials including Scentless Mayweed, White Campion, Queen Anne’s Lace, Oxeye Daisy, Lady’s Bedstraw, Red Campion, Yellow Rattle, Meadow Buttercup, Autumn Hawkbit, Cowslip, Ribwort Plantain, Field Scabious, Selfheal, Tufted Vetch and White Dead-nettle.


A quick trip to the garden centre followed where we purchased a couple of gooseberries, another blueberry (apparently they’re better planted together for cross pollination), a pretty red flowered saxifrage, some lollo rosso, carrots, parsnips, radish and tomato seedlings and a packet or rocket seeds.

Still in the gardening mood I planted the gooseberries, blueberry and saxifrage before our well-earned Indian takeaway was delivered and washed down with plenty of red wine to ease our aches and pains.

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