A Planting & Sowing Extravaganza

After the continued rubbish weather I decided to take the Bank Holiday Monday off to relieve my itchy green fingers and start clearing some things off my gardening ‘to do’ list.


I finally got our potato barrel started off with some Maris Pipers, and found a nice a little spot for it, although at the risk of it getting waterlogged and rotting them, I think I’ll need to put it in the shed for now.

I planted some beautiful Euonymus and Heartbreaker shrubs that we bought last weekend in our favorite garden centre (New Hopetoun) – these should bring some nice year round colour and much needed coverage for in the Winter especially.
I also planted a horseradish ‘thong’ (brilliant name!), can’t wait to have that fresh!


And finally I’ve been really brave and possibly quite stupid (hopefully the frosts are behind us now) and planted lollo rosso, radish, carrot and parsnip seedlings as well as sowing spinach, rocket, mizuna, beetroot and French beans.

S, also got stuck in and mowed his ‘lawn’ (it’s more of a small patch of grass), hoovered up some beech leaves, planted his tomatoes, gave the compost bin a good turn and he also got rid off my manky slug water left over from last year’s homemade natural slug killer.


In other news my Chilean Guava arrived, which I think will need to stay in the conservatory to acclimatise. Can’t wait to taste the fruit – it apparently tastes like a cross between strawberry, pineapple and apple!

I now have a nice collection of Alpines/succulents ready to create my vertical garden and the beech hedge is finally starting to show some green!

My first attempt at rhubarb jam was a pectin laden disaster, next time, next time….!


And my new hot & cold food smoker has arrived, and miraculously, I assembled it without incident.

Sadly we still haven’t had warm or dry enough weather to get the chicken house preserved so will have to wait a bit longer to get our new additions. This time last year the swallows had already arrived, think it’ll be a while yet at this rate.


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