Chicken Coop is finally painted – whoop whoop!

5 weeks after building our chicken coop the weather was finally warm and dry enough for us to paint it with preservative. As you can see, Cosmo wasn’t going to let a bit of painting get in the way of a cuddle. Not quite sure when we’ll get chance to get the hens though as we’re busy the next couple of weekends.

IMG_3641 (1)

Before our party guests came over (Eurovision) I still managed to get in some gardening including potting the weeping fig we bought last weekend for our new garden room (fed up with the weather we’ve started turning our conservatory in to a greenhouse/garden room so we can still be ‘outdoors’ even while the weather is rubbish and it’s looking great already with the addition of shelves and plants).


I repotted my French Beans which are growing amazingly quickly – I only planted the seeds a couple of weekends ago, as well as the sunflowers (which aren’t doing as well but I think they were old seeds). I topped up the compost on the potatoes and tomatoes, dug up some weeds – the rosebay willow herb is back with a vengeance.

The swallows are back and are a joy to see swooping about the garden. The strawberries are all starting to flower and there are buds just appearing on the apple tree.


Not sure what type of tulip this is – but it’s very pretty! Our Spring bulbs have been brilliant this year adding splashes of colour until the season catches up – the beech hedge is now almost completely green which makes a huge difference.

I replaced Rosemary & Sage plants that I’d managed to kill off, I don’t think they appreciated my enthusiastic pruning, planted a couple more lavenders and I also planted a couple of hanging baskets with nasturtiums, if I remember rightly from when I was a kid, these are quick and easy to grow and just come back year after year – not to mention that they are edible flowers and look great in a salad.


We’re looking after Molly, a friend’s Westie for a few days so the two pups have been having a whale of a time romping round the garden.

I also chopped up the Bonsai that we neglected and got that ‘out’ along with all the other plants that we’ve either killed or were only annuals in the 1st place. We now have lots of free pots again!

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