Chilean Guava – Ugni Molinae Flambeau (the variegated version)

I first heard about a Chilean Guava on The Great British Garden Revival – a fantastic programme if you didn’t catch it btw – and from that moment I was desperate to get one!


Apparently Queen Victoria’s favourite fruit, and commonplace in Victorian times – it’s said to taste like a cross between a strawberry, a pineapple and bubblegum or candyfloss. They’re also heavily fragranced – like wild strawberries.

Not something you readily find in garden centres I managed to buy one on Amazon (£10.99  & £7.99 delivery) so it was a bit of an investment and a bit of a risk – the nursery was down South so we have no idea how it’ll fare in the Scottish climate although I believe the ‘flambeau’ variegated version is a bit hardier.

FullSizeRender (9)

To be on the safe side we’ve potted it in the conservatory and I was delighted to find hundreds of what looked like small berries growing on it. I’ve since discovered that these were actually flower buds, which have opened into pretty, delicate and wonderfully scented, flowers. There’s still a way to go but if we’re successful berries will potentially grow to about the size of a cranberry and be a deep red colour when ripe.

To say that I can’t wait to smell and taste this amazingly exotic sounding fruit is a massive understatement – everything crossed!


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