Nettle Beer (very easy recipe)

I’ve been wanting to try this nettle beer recipe out for a few years now – and just somehow never managed to get my arse in gear to do it. I’ve just bottled up some homemade elderflower champagne so now that my fermenting bucket is free again I decided to go get cracking with this one.


It’s super simple and I won’t know if it’s worked for a couple of weeks but here’s the recipe. (I halved the quantities just to try)


  • 100 nettle stalks with leaves
  • 11 litres water
  • 1.3kg granulated sugar
  • 50g cream of tartar
  • 10g live yeast


  1. Boil the nettles in the water for 10 minutes (mine was much longer as it took forever to bring that much water to the boil)
  2. Strain and then add the sugar and cream of tartar and stir until dissolved
  3. Remove from the heat and leave until tepid, then add the yeast and stir well
  4. Cover and leave for a few days
  5. Remove the scum and decant without disturbing the sediment and bottle.

Apparently it will be ready to drink in as little as seven days.


NB – I found this recipe in Darina Allen’s ‘Forgotten Skills of Cooking’ book – which is my favourite cook book btw however it credits it as coming originally from Roger Phillips ‘Wild Food’ (a super book that I also have) and the quantities/ratios are different between the two recipes.



I’ve also spotted other recipes with lemon peel and ginger added in which I may well try next time!

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