We’ve got ourselves some chickens!

Yesterday was the big day and we drove over to Culzean Chooks on the West Coast of Scotland to collect our three beautiful new Cream Legbar pullets. Cream Legbars are beautiful birds that lay 270c blue eggs per year, although we’ve been told that they might be an olive green colour when they first start laying.

Our Betty - top of the pecking order!
Our Betty – top of the pecking order!

Betty is top of the pecking order at 21 weeks and Marjorie (Marge) and Rosemary (Rose) are both 18 weeks old. They are all at ‘point of lay’ (POL) but have yet to lay their first eggs, although the move to a new home usually halts production for a few days anyway, so we’ll be eagerly checking for eggs from the weekend (to be fair we already are).

They seem to have settled in nicely and we’ve discovered that they love strawberries, grapes, banana and spinach already – yes these will be very spoilt ladies.

Betty, Marge & Rose
Betty, Marge & Rose

Cosmo, Poppy and Max are all very curious about the new arrivals. We’ve been advised to keep the girls in their run for at least a week and when we let them out in to the garden, lets just say, they’ll be under very close supervision.

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