Now that’s more like a rockery…..

Last year’s attempt at making a rockery was pretty poor – see below!

The Rockery - after

After seeing some pretty impressive rock gardens at Gardening Scotland last month it gave us a lot of inspiration and now, after a lot of back breaking stone-humping, we have a much more decent affair.  We felt it best to leave our established plants in situ so it’s not necessarily planted the way I would have from scratch but I’m pretty pleased with it nonetheless.

Yesss, another party of the garden that will have all year round colour – I think alpines and succulents are some of my favourite plants.


Some of the new plants include:

  • Chamaemelum Nobile Flore Pleno (Double Chamomile)
  • Delosperma Wheels of Wonder (Orange Wonder)
  • Pratia Pedunculata
  • Sagina Aurea (smells divine!)
  • Saxifraga Cuneifolia Variegata
  • Sedum Acre Aureum
  • Sedum Oreganum
  • Sedum Pachyclados
  • Sedum Spathulifolium Purpureum
  • Sempervivum Hybrids
  • Sempervivum Kramers Spinrad
  • Sempervivum Silberkarneol

Already there, were various heathers, a couple of Saxifrages, Lady’s Mantle, Ferns, Crocosmia and Lavender – should be looking lovely once they’ve all had chance to bed in.

6 thoughts on “Now that’s more like a rockery…..”

  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and the rockery was a lovely thing to see first up. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.

  2. I have a load of boulders stacked at the back of my garden, this has given me the inspiration to make them look a lot better! Thanks

    1. Good luck Mark – it’s looking really nice now with the plants spreading (apart from one side where the chickens have ripped up and made in to their dust bath area anyway :o)

  3. Superb job. You transformed ordinary looking space into a centerpiece worth commending. You did well with your design. I also like the rocks you chose they look great and special. Where did you get those kind of rocks anyway? , Am just a little bit curious. I want to get those kind of rocks.

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