What’s going on with our veg….?

We seem to have been growing mandrakes instead of parsnips and carrots – can only surmise that our soil is too hard for them – makes them a mare to clean and peel – tasty though!


At least our Maris Piper potatoes have come out great!


I’ve just dug up our horseradish, which wasn’t quite what I was expecting either – was thinking there would be bigger ‘tubers’ – there’s not really much to work with here. Wonder if I dug it up too early or if it was because I planted it quite late…..


If anyone has any ideas/advice – would love to hear.

2 thoughts on “What’s going on with our veg….?”

  1. Whenever I’ve tried to grow Horseradish I’ve had pretty similar results to you, just lots of tiny stringy roots. I have no idea what the secret is to growing it, but hopefully someone does!

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