Charlie Dimmock launching exclusive range of gardening products in Poundland

Well this is certainly something to be looking out for, celebrity gardener, Charlie Dimmock is launching a range of exclusive gardening products at Poundland on the 29th February, and yes, these items will all be retailing at £1.

C Dimmock_0191

The range of both practical and decorative items consists of over 130 lines and expected best sellers include:  4 assorted hand tools, hanging bird feeder, heavy duty gloves, pressure sprayer, cast iron key hook, a wooden sign and a mosaic post solar light.

Charlie Dimmock, says:  I’m really excited to announce the launch of my new Poundland gardening range.  I think it’s really convenient that there are so many Poundland stores in towns and cities across the UK as they are so much handier to get to than an out of town garden centre.  I hope that my range will inspire a lot more people to take up gardening – even if it is just something straightforward like a window box or growing herbs on the kitchen window sill.

“I’ve been completely involved in the production and creation of my range, personally testing every item to ensure both its practicality and quality.  From gardening gloves and trowels to watering cans and pruning shears, all at a £1 price point: it’s affordable for everyone”.

Poundland CEO, Jim McCarthy, says: “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Charlie Dimmock.  Our customers have told us that they would love to do more gardening, but the cost and sometimes the lack of experience really puts them off.  We know that the introduction of this new range and with Charlie’s expertise, it will help encourage more people to take up gardening which is both affordable and enjoyable.

The Charlie Dimmock range is the third celebrity collaboration for Poundland following Jane Asher’s bakeware range and Tommy Walsh’s DIY: time range of tools.


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