GardenTags – a great Gardening App (review)

I have a few gardening apps that I use intermittently, mainly to identify plants but I’ve now found one that is becoming quite addictive – GardenTags

It’s the first one I’ve come across that is really useful, multi-purpose and community-based – I’ve met some super-friendly and helpful people within just 24 hours of joining.



Key Features:

  • Keep a photographic record of your plant collection and garden in one place
  • Tag your plants and take care of them using the community generated plant encyclopedia and plant care task list
  • Get planting inspiration and advice from fellow gardeners & let them help you identify unknown plants in your garden



It’s clearly still in the early stages of development as there are a number of usability features/functions that could really improve the user experience for me – when adding a plant to your personal garden database it often seems to throw up a whole heap of irrelevant entries making it hard to find existing matches which means having to add your own.

Adding your own plants is a simple process but there’s a lot of options and as an amateur gardener, I don’t find these that easy to navigate and you don’t seem to be able to select multiple options, just ‘shrub’ or ‘evergreen’, and it seems light on relevant options when adding vegetables. There doesn’t seem to be any way to edit entries once posted, and when you make as many mistakes as I do, and you’re just learning the hashtags etc that would be much easier than deleting and starting again.

Currently the localisation is country-wide rather than regional – it would be really lovely to easily find people more local in terms of soil types/climate/events etc., and, there are no hyperlink options for personal profiles or entries.

What you can’t take away from this app is that it’s got soul, by the rich earthy bucketful and all the functionality in the world can’t just create that, only enhance it.



Since joining the GT community, I’ve not been able to stop myself uploading pictures of both plants and my garden, and looking at other people’s beautiful and interesting uploads, it has me hooked, they’re clearly on to a good thing here.

GardenTags definitely has massive potential to be the go-to resource, not just for cataloguing your own plants, but for increasing your gardening know-how  – there are a number of expert gardeners on the site who seem only to happy to help share their own knowledge which is invaluable to people like me who are just learning.

I’ll be continuing to upload my pics and hopefully, as the community grows, (no pun intended) the usability and features will too.

You can download the app here from itunes








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