Garden Centre Season is Open!

A gardening research & planning trip to Dobbies at the weekend was even more ‘successful’ than anticipated, oops!


The birds did well – 3 new feeders, one for peanuts, one for fat balls and one for seed plus enough feed to last the rest of the year. Trying out some Nyger seeds as well for the first time – will be interested to see if it does encourage some birds that we haven’t seen here yet like siskins and goldfinches.


We had some gift vouchers so treated ourselves to two beautifully colourful pots already planted with Polyanthas and Daffodils and other Spring flowers (thank you Bill & Grace!).


Potatoes – after last year’s Maris Piper success, we’ve gone all out with 3 varieties, King Edwards, Pentland Javelins (had to be with a name like that) and Arran Victory.






Smellies – fell in love with the highly coloured & fragranced Madeira Broom, although the assistant kindly told us it wasn’t very hardy so this one will be for the conservatory and the rather awful-sounding ‘Skimmia’ – a hardy evergreen (which we’re really in need of) that doesn’t look much but smells divine.

Madeira Broom

It feels good to be (almost) ‘back in business’ on the gardening front – we have big plans for 2016.

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