Honesty Box – had fun with this!


Now all the girls are laying we seem to quickly build up a surplus of eggs, even with just the three of them, so we’ve been and set ourselves up an honesty box to sit out in the front garden.

Hopefully, between neighbours and hillwalkers, we’ll get some passing trade. Who knows, I may even start adding jams and other homemade goodies to it as well in due course. 


We’re finally seeing the rest of the Spring bulbs flowering and the daffs are almost there, I even spotted some lambs in a field near Penicuik yesterday, it may be a while still until we get any in Nine Mile Burn but was heartwarming to see!

Oh, and Fiona, our Humanist Celebrant has written about our relaxed garden wedding, where there were more pets than people! You can read it here




4 thoughts on “Honesty Box – had fun with this!”

  1. Ha, me too! We always used to get them from a neighbour’s honesty box and they moved and it’s not there anymore so hopefully we’ll be ‘filling a gap’

    1. Thanks – I spotted some hillwalkers taking pictures of it the other day! I think we need more hens now as we can’t keep up with the current demand (just from neighbours alone :o)

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