Crops in Pots – Book Review

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 13.58.39I was sent a review copy of Crops In Pots – 50 cool containers planted with fruit, vegetables and herbs by Bob Purnell which is being published this month. It sounded right up my street as I’m currently planning my veggies for this year and it didn’t disappoint.

I’d never thought of combining edibles with flowers to create something visually beautiful as well as practical – there are some cracking ideas in here. 


I’m definitely going to be trying the hanging basket with dwarf peas and sweet peas (Peas in a Pod p33) and another hanging basket ‘Tumbling Toms’ (p38) with a couple of varieties of tumbling tomatoes, parsley and black-eyed Susan.


Lots of lovely inspiration as well as plant profiles, tips and care and recipes. Definitely one that’ll be getting well-thumbed over the next few weeks.

Publish Date 7th April – You can find it here on Amazon

3 thoughts on “Crops in Pots – Book Review”

  1. What a brilliant idea. I’ll definitely give this a try, too! I’ve tried combining herbs, like coriander and chives, with flowers, but not vegetables.

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