Products I love that soothe ‘outdoor hands’

I was sent some ‘Outdoor Hands’ skin cream to review last week and it got me thinking that there are actually very few products I’ve tried (& I have tried many!) that really work on my often, dried and cracked, hands and feet so, I thought I’d share the few products that I do rate. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 13.20.14

Let’s start with the Outdoor Hands’ Intense Skin Therapy Cream. As you can clearly see from the branding, it’s making a bold statement being aimed directly at builders, bricklayers, farmers, riggers, fishers etc £6.95 RRP for 100ml

The claim – Outdoor Hands is a skin therapy cream formulated by experts. Made from a unique blend of nourishing natural butters, botanical oils, vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Easily absorbed with a non-greasy finish, it will relieve cracked or chapped hands, feet, elbows and other dry skin.

The verdict – It’s great! By day 2 of using this cream I noticed a marked difference in my hands and the horrible dry skin patches I had have either gone or been seamlessly smoothed. It has a pleasant but not overpowering smell, it rubs in quickly and at a £6.95 RRP it’s also kind on your pocket, I’ll absolutely be buying more of this when this runs out.

Massagical Gold (Salt Scrub) & Massagical Cream. Despite the slightly odd name I bought these after testing them out at last year’s Gardening Scotland Show. £13 each for 160ml

The claim:

Massagical Gold – Cleans, exfoliates and lightly moisturises skin. Made from cold pressed rape seed oil infused with masses of elderflowers, and then blended with other healing oils and Himalayan rock salt, creating a lovely uplifting and refreshing treat for your skin.

Massagical Cream – Combines the benefits of shea butter with the Massagical oils for an uplifting revival for your hands, feet and skin. Beneficial for many problematic skin conditions. Apply sparingly whenever your skin feels dry.

The verdict – I adore these products, they smell divine (it’s quite heady), and the scrub followed by the cream combo is like a Spa treatment in your own home. They’re also good value, I got a ‘show deal’ £20 for both products and I still have plenty left, which is just as well as they make them by hand they have a limited stock each year.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 13.33.58

Hebridean Seaweed, Aloe Vera Handwash by The Highland Soap Co. I was given this for my birthday last year along with a host of other gardening goodies. £7.50 for 300ml.

The claim – Moisturising Aloe Vera handwash with nutrient-rich sea kelp extract, refreshing Peppermint and healing Lavender essential oils. Seaweed is rich in essential vitamins and anti-oxidants for skin. Naturally fragranced with plant extracts and essential oils. Made with over 95% Organic ingredients. 100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

The verdict – Clearly I love it to feature it here, but it’s a real treat when I come in from the garden with very grubby hands to use this product, it feels silky on the skin and has a lovely low-key but delightful aroma, which is just as well as it usually takes me quite a while to scrub my hands after a gardening session!

Now I just need to find a really good nail brush!

So, these are a few products that I do rate for looking after hands that spend a lot of time outdoors! I’ll add more as and when I find them.



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