A disappointing year for produce

IMG_9495This has to be one of the worst Summers I’ve experienced since living in Scotland, incessant rain, unseasonal high winds and low temperatures (we’ve had to put our heating back on) means that we don’t really have much to show for our gardening efforts this year. 

Our local Rural Produce Show at Carlops is coming up on the 20th August but I doubt we’ll have much to enter this year. I thought I’d catalogue what we’ve grown and where we are with them, it’s a sorry tale…

Eggs – down to 2 chickens after two fox attacks

Gooseberries – 2 berries between two bushes

Blackcurrants – about enough to make one pot of jam

Courgettes – doing ok – they like the rain

Potatoes – small potatoes & small crops

Rhubarb – plentiful

Apples – not a single blossom this year so definitely no apples

Salad – radishes are good, lettuces & salad leaves are ok

Garlic – usual crop, quite small

Beans – doing ok

Carrots & Parnsips – doing ok

Herb Garden – doing very well, the Mint has gone bananas

Tomatoes (indoors) – late but plentiful and starting to ripen

Tomatoes (outdoors) – not worth mentioning

Ginger – doing well

Sweet Peppers – doing ok but not ripening

Strawberries – very poor

Raspberries – the wild ones in front of the house are doing well

Chillies – smaller than usual


Looks like we’ll need to enter the baking or preserves classes if we want to get involved this year. Everything crossed that next year isn’t such a washout.






We have a Gas Tank sized problem…

We are in the unfortunate position of having a gas tank situated right in the middle of our garden – why it was ever put there in the first place is anybody’s guess but there it sits. When we bought the house it was disguised by some light fencing with a lid on top for easy access for refilling. It’s been like this to the best of our knowledge 20 years. Whilst slightly inconvenient we decided we could live with it.


Now, we’ve been told by our long-term LPG suppliers, Calor Gas, that they will no longer deliver to us unless we remove everything surrounding it and it passes inspection. Then we will be reinstated. As you can see, it looks dreadful!

We’ve been told that the only thing we can do it put up a screen along one side only and this must not have any vegetation which means the living wall option I was considering is out.

Wondering what else we could do, we thought that maybe we could paint it to look like foliage, but apparently, that’s also not allowed – it needs to be reflective paint and not a dark colour.

It would cost £ thousands to move it or bury it so we’re feeling very frustrated as we wouldn’t have bought the house with this monstrosity right bang slap in the middle of our garden.

Any suggestions folks would be very welcome!