First Garden Centre Visit of 2018

With the constant snow on the ground and freezing temperatures we’ve been well behind this year in terms of our garden planning. I’ve been out for a wander around a few times seeking inspiration but with everything frozen I’ve just not been finding it – most unusual.

Thankfully this all changed yesterday when we had to take a trip to Dobbies to purchase a bird table, an 80th birthday present for Sandy’s father. We were soon happily browsing the seed potatoes and the bulbs section and I started to get that familiar buzz of excitement that usually comes when we’re planning what we’re going to do in the coming year – phew!

It’s still too early for us to make purchases – we learned that last year and instead of ending up with a conservatory full of seedlings getting scorched we’ll be investing in some temporary greenhouses that can be opened up to the elements on good days but protected through the nights – we can still get frosts until May so need to learn to hold our horses a little. Maybe this year, we’ll actually get it right!

There was also a stunning cactus (Euphorbia Marmorata), part of an amazing display there but at £90 I resisted (for now), although I do think it would make a great addition to the other cacti and succulents we already have in the conservatory…


2 thoughts on “First Garden Centre Visit of 2018”

  1. Hey, I just thought about writing about those sorts of euphorbs, and how specialized they are. Although not really cacti, the work similarly, with green stems doing the work of photosynthesis.

    1. what a coincidence – it really was a beauty – they had some amazing ones – some were £250! But my heart was quite stolen by that one particular specimen, I have a feeling I will justify the expense and it will find it’s way into our conservatory in due course 🙂

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