We’re back in Business!

As anyone with chickens will know, the ‘egg song’ is pretty unmistakable – it’s how a hen often announces the delivery of an egg. It’s something that we haven’t heard since Sept/October time as they went into moult and their non-productive period so I was rather excited yesterday afternoon when I heard that familiar noise.

Sure enough, on closer inspection, there was our first egg of 2018 – hurrah! It’s always a momentous time of the year for us, hopefully, signalling better/warmer weather to come – although looking at the forecast for this weekend with the return of ‘The Beast From The East’, it may still be a way off.

One thing we’re really looking forward to, is getting some new hens now that our ‘new’ run and coop is finally finished (it only took a year) so as soon as we’ve had the last of the snow, we’ll make the final adjustments for the initial segregation and be ready to go. I’m not looking forward to that awful vicious introduction period but it will be great to have a larger flock again.

Just to work out what breeds now – we love the blue eggs we get from our Cream Legbars, maybe some dark brown ones this time, or green…

One thought on “We’re back in Business!”

  1. That seems like a long time to be without eggs! We get a few through winter. They all seem to be on different schedules (which I think is odd even in our mild climate), so some resume while other stop, but I do not think that any are out of service for that long.

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