My new favourite bit of gardening kit

I’ve been keep seeing offers on the voucher sites like Groupon and Wowcher for these lightweight, non-kinking hosepipes and I’ve been pondering on getting one for ages now. I HATE trying to lug around our big old heavy thing, that keeps getting tangled up, not to mention knocking things over and battering them about. Continue reading My new favourite bit of gardening kit

A Planting Extravaganza

I’ve just realised that we’ve spent the past few weekends revelling in the extended period of dry, warm and, (mostly) sunny weather and I haven’t recorded any of our labours. Rather than trying to remember everything we’ve done I’m going to cheat by going through all the cards and seed packets to see what we’ve sown/planted so far this year – it’s quite an impressive list! Continue reading A Planting Extravaganza