My new favourite bit of gardening kit

I’ve been keep seeing offers on the voucher sites like Groupon and Wowcher for these lightweight, non-kinking hosepipes and I’ve been pondering on getting one for ages now. I HATE trying to lug around our big old heavy thing, that keeps getting tangled up, not to mention knocking things over and battering them about.

We usually have so much rainfall that it’s never been a priority, however, the past couple of months have been exceptionally dry here in Scotland and we’ve been putting in a lot of new plants (if you read my previous post, you’ll know exactly how many!) so watering them ourselves to help them get established has become critical. We saw a stand selling them at Gardening Scotland last weekend and decided to just go for it – £20 for a 75ft one seemed like a decent price and probably comparable with the voucher sites once you’ve added on P&P.

Yesterday, after the forecasted rain still failed to materialise, I got around to trying it out – OMG – what a brilliant piece of kit – I LOVE it! It really is ridiculously lightweight, even when it’s full it’s easy to move around. There are a number of spray settings for the head and you can also lock it open or have it working via trigger action only. It leaks a wee bit at the tap but I’m pretty sure all our hosepipes have done that.

If you haven’t already got one of these I highly recommend them – I would never go back to the big old heavy one now. It’s also pretty cool when it shrinks back up after letting the water out once you’ve finished using it. Now I’m very happy to run it from our tap in the back garden through the house and out into the front garden – it’s just no hassle at all.

NB – I am in no way affiliated with the manufacturers of these products or their PR, just one very happy customer  feeling the need to shout about something I wish I’d done much sooner!

5 thoughts on “My new favourite bit of gardening kit”

  1. I have wondered about these for ages, I am so tired of dragging mine around too they weigh a ton and crush all the plants. Do you mind letting me know which brand you bought please? Would be most grateful!

      1. I did thanks and it was much better for a bit, until a small dog chewed through it! Awaiting a retracting wall-hung hose now!! (Rolls eyes to heaven)

      2. Oh no, what a pain! We did wonder about it’s longevity with our puppy but thankfully he’s not shown any interest in it. Good luck with the new one

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