And we’re off…

Yesterday’s afternoon of garden-centring in Lanarkshire was swiftly cancelled after our dog got into difficulty after chasing a couple of ducks into the River Clyde. A full-on rescue meant we had to head straight back home to get warm and dry.

Instead, I popped into Pentland Plants on my way back from our team meeting this morning! Is it just me that suddenly gets super-fixated on having to make a start?

I bought a  couple of sets of seed potatoes (Red Duke of York, First Early and Blue Congo, Main Crop), a couple packets of tomato seeds (Tigarella and an Artisan Mix – both had lovely interesting skins), some softneck garlic (Marco), some Hercules white onion sets and some interesting-looking Kale (Jardin Mixed), a courgette and squash mix and some Candy Cane Red Pepper seeds, that also have really unusual markings.

I really should have started by planning what we wanted to grow this year, and then looked at what seeds we already have but hey-ho, I always get a little carried away.

The potatoes are now chitting away and the tomatoes have been sown. That’s quenched that immediate burning desire to get started. Annoyingly I bought 4 bags of garden compost rather than all-purpose or seed-compost – I just saw ‘organic’ and ‘peat-free’ and didn’t pay much attention – we’ll soon see if it makes the blindest bit of difference when they germinate (or not) I guess!

Snow forecast again later in the week so not sure if putting the bay back outside was a good move, I’m SO over Winter now.

6 thoughts on “And we’re off…”

  1. No you are not alone in that urge to get started. Well done on holding off until now. Seed potatoes have been available since early January. How daft is that? Not tempted to grow any of the Pentland varieties of potato?

    1. Ha, glad I’m not alone – it’s funny how it suddenly becomes imperative and all-consuming. We really can’t do any earlier as our growing season starts so late here, we’re quite high up. We’ve done Pentland varieties before – I try to mix it up – I actually had about 6 varieties on my wish list for this year and haven’t got a single one of them (yet!), lol!

  2. What is the point of ‘large tubers’? Are they planted whole or cut into sections. (I suppose if they were to be cut into sections, they would have been cut before chitting.) My see potatoes are those that are too dinky to eat.

    1. I don’t think I spotted that but as none of them are very large (just normal seed potato size) I’m assuming they mean when they’re ready to harvest.

      1. Oh, of course, they make big potatoes, like for baking. Still, those seed potatoes are big enough to eat. I put out those that are too small to bother eating. (I have not grown potatoes in many years though.)

  3. I hope they’re not that big! I should have just ordered the ones I wanted to online but I got too impatient to have something there and then 😉

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