Bud burst

The week the swallows returned

It’s hard to believe that it was our fifth week of lockdown last week – the dry sunny weather continued and the nippy wind even dropped a couple of days so it was truly warm too! 

The swallows returned which is always something keenly anticipated along with the first green leaves appearing on the beech hedge that runs the length of the back garden. The trees are bursting into leaf all over and along with all birds, bees and butterflies dotting about, I saw my first bee fly – so cute!!

Ash Tree Budburst

The front garden is looking good and I’m very excited to see things returning that had been planted last year – it’s always a lottery to see what survives our Winters. I’ve been busy sowing seeds and am hopeful that this year will be the year we achieve that cottage garden look properly!


The back garden is very much a work in progress – I’ve got the new greenhouse set up and I love it! I’ve always wanted one and it may not be glass but it was only £40 from Lidl and is a decent size  – it’ll do for now. It’s currently full of seedlings and once they’re ready to plant out it will be perfect for the other edibles like tomatoes, peppers, cukes etc that usually only grow inside)


We still have loads of edibles that could really do with sowing just now but we’re almost out of compost so will need to be creative and a bit more discerning until we can get more supplies.

The weather has turned and it’s looking wet and cloudy for the next week which’ll save me having to drag the hose about the garden – every cloud and all that! Fingers crossed for an increase in temperatures and the return of the sunshine soon.

2 thoughts on “The week the swallows returned”

  1. The improvement in night temperatures (from this weekend) is a big relief too. Haven’t seen any swallows in town but will be listening/looking out for them now. We do have a swan sitting, so there may be additions soon.

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