Sometimes the snow comes down in May…

As I write this it’s snowing outside – I kid you not. We’ve had a pretty dry and sunny Spring with the occasional warm day thrown in and I’m desperate to get some of my seedlings out – with overnight temperatures of -3 forecast, I’ll need to hang fire a bit. Hurrah for the new greenhouse though.

At least with all the extra time at home courtesy of the lockdown we’re making good progress in the garden. There’s still plenty to do of course when isn’t there in a garden in Spring?!

I see something new every day when I have my little walkabout to see how things are coming along. I’m especially pleased to see things that I planted last year returning, it’s always a bit of a lottery out here but the Solomon’s Seal and Cornflowers are very welcome I’m not quite so sure on the Monkshood though – when I planted it I had no idea it was so poisonous. Lots of things coming up that I have absolutely no idea what they are, only time will tell…

Wales will be opening their garden centres next week and I’ve hard England will be the same, it doesn’t look like the FM will be making any such changes here in Scotland though. To be fair, they’ll likely be rammed with people so probably best to avoid anyway. The two things I’m missing most are hugs and garden centres/nurseries – it’s probably saved us a fortune mind. Could really do with some new compost supplies though.


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