giant poppy stamen

What’s been going on…

Well, we’re still in lockdown, although we have had a bbq in a neighbours garden which was lovely. The garden centres are now open but I haven’t been brave enough to face the hordes even though I’m still desperate for compost – have just had to give up on some things I’d hope to grow this year now.

white rose

We had a very un-Scottish hot sunny May, it all came as a bit of a shock when June blew in with rain and at least a 10-degree drop in temperature.  The garden was definitely needing the rain and its much easier going out running again now.


Lots of things are starting to flower and grow in the garden, my daily walkabout are always a voyage of discovery, I seem to find something new every day.

chilli flower

The first baby chillies and baby tomatoes are just emerging in the greenhouse.

baby tomato

We’ve had the inherited leylandii trees that were blocking out our neighbours afternoon sun, lopped right down – maybe still to come out fully but that’s a much bigger job. The decking has had it’s first coat of paint since we moved here over 7 years ago – oops!

the back garden

The bog cotton is looking fabulous out on the hills just now – I can go past without lying down in it and taking a photo.

bog cotton, cotton grass


11 thoughts on “What’s been going on…”

  1. I’m not sure that she was that well-known over here in the UK, husband hadn’t heard of her either and we’re usually pretty good at 60s music onwards

  2. Love that last picture too. (And Judy Collins version of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” which was a chart hit in 1968) But your sky reminds me of the album cover for the eponymous “It’s a Beautiful Day” album from the same era.

    1. I went for the first time last week – it was actually my first shop – I still haven’t been in a supermarket etc – it was fine, a one-way system, super friendly/helpful staff keeping us right and it was good to finally get some compost :o)

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