In the Spring of 2013, we left the city behind and moved to a lovely little cottage on the edge of the Scottish Pentland Hills, just South of Edinburgh.

After a glorious Summer of enjoying simply having a garden, the first time since being ‘grown-up’, it was time to start again, without going to the expense of ripping the whole lot out and starting again from scratch. Neither of us have much experience of gardening, or are particularly practical for that matter, so we’re pretty much just winging it as we go.

We’re situated just shy of 1000ft and have a short growing season. The first frosts can appear anytime from late August and often lasting into June – challenging to say the least!

We like to grow edibles and are keen on trying unusual or heirloom varieties, things that you can’t easily get in the shops. We have some successes and many (many) failures too. Every day is indeed a school day on our little patch.

This is the journey of our Pentland garden.

Written by Nadine Pierce

Email: nadinepierce@gmail.com 

The Rest of the Family:

Sandy, my ‘partner in garden grime’

Cosmo, our eldest cocker spaniel pup

Blue, the pup

Max, the mouser


Poppy, the wee cutie


Our hens…








8 thoughts on “About”

  1. How wonderful to find your blog! I’m in Carlops and just starting our gardening adventures after we moved here last July 🙂 Look forward to seeing how yours progresses (I’m in the process of starting some kind of blog so I can look back at what we’ve done!) Kat

    1. Hi Katherine – lovely to hear from you ‘neighbour’ 🙂
      I’m finding that writing things down in the blog is a great help for keeping a track of things and of course progress made. I’ll look forward to seeing yours when it’s up and running! Please do send me the link

  2. Hi Nadine, I’ve just stumbled across your blog – you have a lovely set-up there in the Pentlands. I’m in central Edinburgh so it’ll be really nice to follow a nearby gardener facing similar weather challenges! Best wishes, Joanna (edinburghgardendiary.wordpress.com)

    1. Hi Joanna, lovely to ‘meet’ you – looks like we have a lot in common – I’ve put a follow on your diary – be great to compare how we’re getting on – we tend to find we’re later than most with things (except Rhubarb) being that bit higher up.

      We’ve also got a facebook page ‘Lothian Gardeners’ feel free to share your diary posts & get involved on there too.

  3. Hi Nadine, Anyone who uses the words ‘slightly clueless’ in their blog header is a friend of mine. I aspire to ‘slightly’. I am enjoying reading your posts and looking forward to many more. My own journey into the horticultural unknown is recorded on my blog in which I chart, rather haphazardly, my attempts to create a garden from scratch out of a former barnyard. If you’re ever in need of feeling a bit superior on the gardening front, you are always welcome at http://www.thebarnyardgardener.wordpress.com.

    1. Hey, thanks for the message, sounds like we are chartering similar horticultural courses into the unknown, have just taken a peek and already been shaking my head with a wry smile of understanding!! I shall very much enjoy reading more..

  4. Hi Nadine, do you have an email address i can contact you on? Thanks, Georgia

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Keen & willing (if slightly clueless) and gardening at 1000 ft – life in & around our Scottish Pentlands garden

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