A Pentland Garden Diary

Sun, Champagne, Sabrage & Stuff!

In fact it was rather an outdoorsy week – after gathering some elderflowers from a neighbour’s garden on Wednesday, Bees & I made some elderflower ‘champagne’ followed by a day at The Royal Highland Show. On Friday I was given the chance to do a Champagne sabrage in Drumsheugh Gardens as part of a lunch hosted by Piper Heidsieck at The Bonham Hotel.

We Have a Rockery – Sat 14th June

It was also time to dig over our rockery area and plant an assortment of Heathers, Saxifrages and a Lavender, they don’t look much just now but once they’ve grown a bit, I think it’ll be a lovely part of the garden and a big attraction for bees and butterflies.

Broccoli, Brussels & Borage – Weds 11th June

Now my first batch of seedlings have all been planted I did some more – some fancy ornamental grass (Pennisetum Cream Falls – needed to check the spelling on that one! 😉 that we bought at the weekend for our borders as well as some more Nicotiana and some Borage – hopefully with the warmer weather they’ll spring up quickly.

The war on Slugs begins – nematodes are my friend!

So the 30 odd slugs collected last night (there were literally hundreds) are now happily infecting each other. Unfortunately, I read to the end of the method and discovered it actually takes 2 weeks for the potion to be ready but once it is, it gives up to 6 weeks slug protection so I might need to check out the ‘beer method’ in the meantime, lest the rhubarb & parsley don’t make it!

If Carlsberg Did Days in the Garden…. Sun 8th June

Our weekend guests got stuck in to help with weeding, digging & sowing grass seed and I planted the wells at the front of the house with the wonderful smelling Vanilla Lady (Nemesia) and Silver Falls (Dichondra). We also found a garden vac in the shed (left by the previous owner) and S had much fun hoovering up the old beech leaves still floating around. S also managed to tape up and replant our broken upside down tomato grower – this time with less soil to overbalance it all!

Another Day Another Garden Centre – Sat 7th June

A wee trip to Pentland Plants and we ended up with some lovely scented Vanilla Lady, Nemesias and some Silver Falls Dichondras for the ‘wells’ at the front of the cottage. Some Heathers and a couple of Saxifragas for the rockery, and a Lavendar plant, some ornamental grasses, another tomato plant and some grass seed.