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We have a Gas Tank sized problem…

We are in the unfortunate position of having a gas tank situated right in the middle of our garden – why it was ever put there in the first place is anybody’s guess but there it sits. When we bought the house it was disguised by some light fencing with a lid on top for easy access for refilling. It’s been like this to the best of our knowledge 20 years. Whilst slightly inconvenient we decided we could live with it.


Now, we’ve been told by our long-term LPG suppliers, Calor Gas, that they will no longer deliver to us unless we remove everything surrounding it and it passes inspection. Then we will be reinstated. As you can see, it looks dreadful!

We’ve been told that the only thing we can do it put up a screen along one side only and this must not have any vegetation which means the living wall option I was considering is out.

Wondering what else we could do, we thought that maybe we could paint it to look like foliage, but apparently, that’s also not allowed – it needs to be reflective paint and not a dark colour.

It would cost £ thousands to move it or bury it so we’re feeling very frustrated as we wouldn’t have bought the house with this monstrosity right bang slap in the middle of our garden.

Any suggestions folks would be very welcome!