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Food Beyond The Plate – Upcoming Workshops

So, my studies are complete and the results are in, I now officially hold a Gastronomy MSc. One of my lecturers, Charlotte Maberly is running some more workshops in the beautiful Newton Walled Garden (near Dalkeith) that might well be of interest to some of you (see below)…

Food Beyond The Plate is a collaborative project between food educators, foragers, chefs, artists and producers in the Edinburgh area. They offer workshops and experiences which explore the world of food in its broadest sense.

If you want to keep up to date with the events – you can find them all here on Facebook

Wild Seasons – 4 workshops exploring how to nourish yourself from the wild throughout the year
The splendid Anna Canning will be teaching us how to identify, harvest and process wild foods for health and flavour in each season, starting with the Autumn session on October 29th and the Winter session on January 28th.
Craving more culture in your life? Teaching the how and why of fermented foods on 28th October and 24th February.
CheeseBread, Beer and Honey – series of themed workshops
This series of workshops will explore food culture, history and politics through some of our favourite foods. Meet producers, learn how and why to make your own, and see these ordinary products in a whole new light.
(Beer and Honey dates TBD, but likely in April and June 2018)
Food Beyond the Plate – a series of 2-day workshops for those thinking of studying food at Uni, or who just want to know more about Gastronomy
For those looking to deepen their food education or develop a career in food, Charlotte will be holding 2-day courses from October 14th/15th until next Spring, investigating the extraordinary world of Gastronomy.

Food Beyond The Plate – Foraging and Foodie Events


One of my Gastronomy lecturers is working on a collaborative project between food educators, foragers, chefs, artists and producers in the Edinburgh area.

They are offering workshops and experiences from July 2017 which explore the world of food in its broadest sense in the beautiful Newton Walled Gardens at Millerhill just outside Edinburgh.

You can find out more about the project on their Facebook page here

Upcoming events include Wild Crafts: beautiful botanicals with forager and herbal medicine specialist Anna Canning , Killing Cooking, Writing – a workshop with Ethical Carnivore author Louise Gray and How and Why to Eat The Wild – explore the possibilities of using wild foods with Rupert Waites of Buck and Birch, wild-chef and co-creator of Aelder Elixir – all of which sound fantastic for those with a love of the great outdoors, food and cooking, self provisioning and home crafts.

You can find more details on their upcoming events here

Guess I may well see some of you at one of these!