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First Garden Centre Visit of 2018

With the constant snow on the ground and freezing temperatures we’ve been well behind this year in terms of our garden planning. I’ve been out for a wander around a few times seeking inspiration but with everything frozen I’ve just not been finding it – most unusual. Continue reading First Garden Centre Visit of 2018

Rhubarb Rhubarb (and Potatoes)

Cosmo the hover dog

It’s exceptionally mild today and my thoughts can’t help but look toward Spring. Despite the freezing temperatures for a large part of the Winter, we’ve had very little snow in comparison to previous years. I haven’t forgotten the heavy snow at the end of April 2016 that brought the chicken run down though.

Ice crystals on our gas tank
Ice crystals on our gas tank

The rhubarb is bursting out of the ground just now and our seed potatoes have arrived – this year I’ve gone for Epicure (had to be really :o), Mayan Gold, a favourite with top chefs, Salad Blue – they’re actually blue all the way through and some Pink Fir Apples because I liked the name. This year I won’t make the same mistake I did last year – I put them out too early and a few late frosts meant we didn’t get great yields in comparison with the year before.


None of the Spring bulbs seem to be coming up – they were from two years ago and I replanted them using a multilayering method last year, guess they didn’t like it as they’re not playing ball. I have however ordered a load of summer bulbs for the front garden.

The rhubarb is shooting up
The rhubarb is shooting up

The hens are still incarcerated because of the avian flu restrictions – with an increasing number of outbreaks being confirmed down South the past couple of weeks I’m not sure they’ll have their sentences commuted on the 28th February either. I guess time will tell…

Winter Digs It’s Icy Fingers In

Frosty Leaves
Frosty Leaves

It’s fair to say that since starting University in September, everything else has been pretty much put on hold and while we have plenty of things we should have done to make the garden Winter-ready, very little has been achieved. The new chicken coop is looking pretty good, although the run is still far from finished but that’s about it.

Tree down!

So it should probably come as no surprise that Winter’s crept in with a flourish and taken over. We’ve had snow, gale force winds (enough to bring a tree down the other night) and a deep frost that’s painted everything white for days on end – it certainly looks very pretty.


We do now have a solution to our gas tank problem – we’re having a new, larger one buried underneath our (new) front lawn and the old one taken away, most of the cost being carried by Calor – hurrah. We’ll even have room for a new raised bed when the old tank has been removed – win!

Hoping to get chance to get things tidied up out there soon although I fear we may be a little late to protect some of the plants we’d wanted to this time round.