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Seeds, seeds and more seeds

I’m trying to be a bit more organised this year so have spent some time this week going through all my seeds, bulbs and young plants working out what needs sowing, propagating, planting etc and when! The conservatory is fast filling up with things in pots as it’s way too early to risk putting anything outside yet – we learned our lesson on that score last year! We’re also not risking being so late that loads of things don’t make the productive stage (another lesson from last year).

It looks like, all being well, we should have a great harvest this year, with well over 40 fruits and veggies, not counting the herb garden. We’ve also got some interesting new things to try like, oca, cucamelons and heirloom corn as well as some more unusual varieties of other kitchen garden staples.

The new gas tank is dug into the front garden

In other news ‘operation gas tank’ has begun – predictably what was supposed to be a 2-day job has already been four and we’re only halfway through. The front lawn was dug up and a new gas tank inserted. Some of the internal connections have been done however there still needs to be some pipework done to connect the new tank to the house. Once that’s been done they’ll transfer any gas from the old tank in the back garden to the new one and then remove the old tank. I can’t wait – we’ll be able to make a lovely new bed in that space, just as well with all the seeds and plants I’ve bought.

The ‘after’ total carnage shot – not too bad at all!

I also heard this week that the very kind people at What Shed have listed APG in their round up of Best UK Gardening Blogs – thank you! You can check out the others on the list here.

Winter Digs It’s Icy Fingers In

Frosty Leaves
Frosty Leaves

It’s fair to say that since starting University in September, everything else has been pretty much put on hold and while we have plenty of things we should have done to make the garden Winter-ready, very little has been achieved. The new chicken coop is looking pretty good, although the run is still far from finished but that’s about it.

Tree down!

So it should probably come as no surprise that Winter’s crept in with a flourish and taken over. We’ve had snow, gale force winds (enough to bring a tree down the other night) and a deep frost that’s painted everything white for days on end – it certainly looks very pretty.


We do now have a solution to our gas tank problem – we’re having a new, larger one buried underneath our (new) front lawn and the old one taken away, most of the cost being carried by Calor – hurrah. We’ll even have room for a new raised bed when the old tank has been removed – win!

Hoping to get chance to get things tidied up out there soon although I fear we may be a little late to protect some of the plants we’d wanted to this time round.

We have a Gas Tank sized problem…

We are in the unfortunate position of having a gas tank situated right in the middle of our garden – why it was ever put there in the first place is anybody’s guess but there it sits. When we bought the house it was disguised by some light fencing with a lid on top for easy access for refilling. It’s been like this to the best of our knowledge 20 years. Whilst slightly inconvenient we decided we could live with it.


Now, we’ve been told by our long-term LPG suppliers, Calor Gas, that they will no longer deliver to us unless we remove everything surrounding it and it passes inspection. Then we will be reinstated. As you can see, it looks dreadful!

We’ve been told that the only thing we can do it put up a screen along one side only and this must not have any vegetation which means the living wall option I was considering is out.

Wondering what else we could do, we thought that maybe we could paint it to look like foliage, but apparently, that’s also not allowed – it needs to be reflective paint and not a dark colour.

It would cost £ thousands to move it or bury it so we’re feeling very frustrated as we wouldn’t have bought the house with this monstrosity right bang slap in the middle of our garden.

Any suggestions folks would be very welcome!