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A Planting Extravaganza

I’ve just realised that we’ve spent the past few weekends revelling in the extended period of dry, warm and, (mostly) sunny weather and I haven’t recorded any of our labours. Rather than trying to remember everything we’ve done I’m going to cheat by going through all the cards and seed packets to see what we’ve sown/planted so far this year – it’s quite an impressive list! Continue reading A Planting Extravaganza

Now that’s more like a rockery…..

Last year’s attempt at making a rockery was pretty poor – see below!

The Rockery - after

After seeing some pretty impressive rock gardens at Gardening Scotland last month it gave us a lot of inspiration and now, after a lot of back breaking stone-humping, we have a much more decent affair.  We felt it best to leave our established plants in situ so it’s not necessarily planted the way I would have from scratch but I’m pretty pleased with it nonetheless.

Continue reading Now that’s more like a rockery…..