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Finally, a dry weekend for gardening!

Hurrah, after weeks of seemingly endless rain Saturday dawned bright, if a little breezy so it was straight out into the garden to get some much-needed jobs done.


Just a little bit long…..


There was a lot of weeding, there was also a lot of grass that was well overdue a good haircut. We got to try out the new GTech Cordless strimmer that we’d been sent too (review to follow).


Courgette flowers


I cleared out a couple of the raised beds and planted lambs lettuce, spinach, mizuna, mustard, rocket, broccoli romanesco and pak choi. I also sowed a couple fo different carrot varietals and some dwarf and climbing beans – it may be a little late but then everything is this year anyway – we’ll soon see!


I trimmed the cherry arch – it was wild! I’ve also been digging up all the bulbs from various pots around the garden – then re-planting them using a multi-layering ‘packing them in’ system in just a few pots and then we’ll need to get some annuals to plant on top instead of having empty looking pots for a large part of the year – see, I’m learning :o)


A bulb packed pot with obelisk and Sweet Peas


I was sent a rather lovely wrought iron obelisk so planted that in one of my new bulb containers with sweet peas – can’t wait to see how that turns out.

I also planted up a self-watering hanging basket that had been sent to me by Stewart Garden to review with a lovely Heliotrope and white surfinia. The massive blue Delphinium that I bought at the Newhall Walled Garden open day found it’s way into the front garden – it’ll flower any day now.


I also ended up doing an emergency wasp nest removal after S noticed wasps flying in and out of a garden cupboard. I was a little surprised when I opened the door and a whole cloud of them flew out – don’t think I’ve ever run so fast! I guess with all the rain we hadn’t been outside to notice them before now.


The remains of the nest after it’d been sprayed and left overnight


I started to chicken proof the bed we recently planted up with Periwinkles, Heuchera and Hellebores but I ran out of bamboo canes so that’s now a work in progress until more arrive.


A couple of Rose Bushes finally housed


The front garden also saw some love and I put up a trellis and planted a couple of rose bushes that were wedding presents last year. I also planted an Osmanthus, a red Acer and a bunch of different lavender plants.


Things are looking a lot tidier now


S finally got round to trimming the hedge all the way along the back garden and we took a trip to the recycling depot with a load of old flower pots a bbq and a chimenea. All in all things are looking ever so much tidier now. There’s still a mountain of stuff to do but we’re getting there.


Nicely ripened blackcurrants







Now that’s more like a rockery…..

Last year’s attempt at making a rockery was pretty poor – see below!

The Rockery - after

After seeing some pretty impressive rock gardens at Gardening Scotland last month it gave us a lot of inspiration and now, after a lot of back breaking stone-humping, we have a much more decent affair.  We felt it best to leave our established plants in situ so it’s not necessarily planted the way I would have from scratch but I’m pretty pleased with it nonetheless.

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Buddleias and Blueberries

Although our garden is still covered in snow we’re getting excited about the upcoming gardening year. Our new Buddleias arrived today (Nanho Blue and Pink Delight), along with a Berberis Harlequin. We got engaged in the stunning garden at Augill Castle last Summer, amongst the lavender & buddlieas with bees & butterflies all around – it was a beautiful place and we’re keen to add some to our garden as a little reminder.


I noticed this week that our blueberry bush is starting to bud. We planted it last year but saw no real action on it so fingers crossed it bears fruit this time around.

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Plant Food Maker – has anyone got/used one?

On our way back from a night in town we stopped at The Range in Fort Kinnaird to have a look at the gardening section, we can’t seem to go past a garden centre or shop at present and we definitely need to get a few things (a hose pipe is top of the list as all this dry weather is proving that a watering can (& one outdoor tap) isn’t the most viable way of keeping things watered! ).

photo 3 (11)

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We Have a Rockery – Sat 14th June

A warm, if somewhat cloudy day sees in the weekend. We’re off in to town later to enjoy a bbq in someone else’s garden but this morning we made time to do a few more things in our own.

Peas are now staked & lifted out of their ground-bound tangle
Peas are now staked & lifted out of their ground-bound tangle

I suddenly realised that the peas should probably be staked, especially as they’re all in a tangle and starting to blossom so cut down some bamboo canes and sorted that – a 2 minute job and they look so much better already. Continue reading We Have a Rockery – Sat 14th June

If Carlsberg Did Days in the Garden…. Sun 8th June

….they wouldn’t have been as good as this one!

breakfast on the new sun lounger
breakfast on the new sun lounger

The day dawned bright and warm, after the excesses of the night before I unpacked my new sun lounger and had breakfast (part 1) out on the decking! Continue reading If Carlsberg Did Days in the Garden…. Sun 8th June

Another Day Another Garden Centre – Sat 7th June

A glorious morning, although we knew heavy rain was on it’s way so a brief bit of pottering this morning led us to find that some old tomato plants we’d given up on were started to bear fruit so tomorrow when the weather’s better we’ll try & mend our upside down tomato grower and see how we get on (less earth this time so hopefully it’ll not fall down).

Oops! The result of last night's cat v puppy pre-bedtime chase!
Oops! The result of last night’s cat v puppy pre-bedtime chase!

Also discovered that last night’s epic pre-bedtime puppy/cat chase resulted in a smashed pot! Continue reading Another Day Another Garden Centre – Sat 7th June