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Why so quiet recently…?

You may (or may not!) have wondered why things have been quiet in our Pentland Garden the past few months. Actually that couldn’t be further from the truth – it’s been quite bonkers.

I’d always fancied a go at soapmaking and lockdown brought with it a whole heap of extra time with nowhere to go so the perfect opportunity. I started with soap but quickly moved on to candles, diffusers, and many other products.

It’s a completely absorbing end to end process from creating the fragrance combinations using essential oils (and sometimes fragrance oils in candles and diffusers) right through to the properties of the products and the end look and feel. Even better I can use things from te garden in these natural handmade products – for example I’ve used rose petals in a wild rose soap and mint in a dead sea salt exfoliating scrub.

What started as a lockdown hobby has now grown arms and legs and I’ve just launched Pentland Aromatics. I’m not fully legal to sell all of my products yet – I need to get my soaps and skincare products certified first but I’m well on the well.

2020 may have been an insane and tough year for most of us but I’m really looking forward to properly launching the new venture and of course growing more plants and flowers that can be used in my creations – exciting times!

Spring is in full flow

It’s hard to believe that we’re already into week 4 of lockdown. Spring is everywhere, the butterflies and bees are busy dotting about, the cries of lambs echo all around the fields, pungent wild garlic permeates the air and that eye-popping acid green of new growth is bursting out all over.

wild garlic Primula tulip

The lockdown has meant that I now have a lot more personal time than I’ve ever had before, it’s quite nice not going at a 100mph all the time. The days are noticeably much longer and I’m finding time to get out running every day as well as other pursuits like reading and crafting and I’ve also started making sourdough bread – things I’ve wanted to try for years but never seemed to get around to.

Of course, the garden is getting much more attention than usual. I’ve been digging out the veggie beds and enriching the soil ready to get planting. We’re still getting regular frosts but it won’t be long now. We’ve also got ourselves a new mini greenhouse so we can move seedlings out of the conservatory where they have a tendency to burn and completely dry out during these sunny days.

Gosh, I love this time of year and I’ve really enjoyed having the time to properly notice everything as well.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to all the amazing key workers that are putting themselves at risk every day while we stay home and safe.