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A Planting Extravaganza

I’ve just realised that we’ve spent the past few weekends revelling in the extended period of dry, warm and, (mostly) sunny weather and I haven’t recorded any of our labours. Rather than trying to remember everything we’ve done I’m going to cheat by going through all the cards and seed packets to see what we’ve sown/planted so far this year – it’s quite an impressive list! Continue reading A Planting Extravaganza

A Planting & Sowing Extravaganza

After the continued rubbish weather I decided to take the Bank Holiday Monday off to relieve my itchy green fingers and start clearing some things off my gardening ‘to do’ list.


I finally got our potato barrel started off with some Maris Pipers, and found a nice a little spot for it, although at the risk of it getting waterlogged and rotting them, I think I’ll need to put it in the shed for now.

Continue reading A Planting & Sowing Extravaganza

Broccoli, Brussels & Borage – Weds 11th June

A gorgeous warm, sunny day here in the Pentlands – it’s days like this that really make me appreciate just how lucky I am to work at home from our garden shed!

my office in the garden
my office in the garden

After the weekend’s prep we had another planter to fill so in went spinach, mizuna and spring onions. I also planted my broccoli and brussel sprout seedlings. Continue reading Broccoli, Brussels & Borage – Weds 11th June