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A backbreaking but satisfying afternoon in the garden

We decided to take a cheeky long weekend and get stuck into the gardening we missed out on after last weekend’s return of Winter weather.


We had a ton of soil to move from the front of the cottage to the back garden, a job in itself. This year we ordered it from onlinesoil.co.uk – we certainly paid for the 20kg sack convenience and for the high quality (screened to 10mm) this time (last year we bought 3 x ton bags of standard top soil and the lorry couldn’t get close enough to deliver it where it was needed) but I think it’s well worth it, it feels, amazing and is a really rich dark brown – think our veggies will love it!

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Rhubarb Rhubarb

Delighted to see the rhubarb springing up – we only planted it last year and so we weren’t able to harvest any of it but things will be different this year – lots of plans for these stalks including Gin.

In other news I potted our Buddleias and Berberis (it was a nice sunny, warmish afternoon) what a mistake, the frosts came back and within days the leaves on the Buddleias were dying. I’ve put them into the conservatory for now, fingers crossed they recover.

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The war on Slugs begins – nematodes are my friend!

A quiet couple of days on the gardening front however daily inspections are showing new things coming up every day – the red onions, garlic & radishes are the latest to start appearing.

my haul from last night's slug hunt
my haul from last night’s slug hunt

The rhubarb and parsley seem to be getting chomped so last night we went out at dusk to collect a load of slugs to try out a natural slug repellent method that I found online – it involves a bucket, some weeds, tap water & slugs! (I had to use my veggie steamer as couldn’t find anything else with holes in the lid – the neighbours think us quirky enough as it is – bet they wondered what one earth we were up to!) Continue reading The war on Slugs begins – nematodes are my friend!