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Birds in the Garden

The garden seems to have been under snow for most of the past few weeks and Spring still feels a long way away. With more of the white stuff due over the coming days and itchy fingers I decided to do something more constructive and start keeping a note of some of the feathered visitors we have to the garden and I’ve created a new gallery page to log them. Continue reading Birds in the Garden

The war on Slugs begins – nematodes are my friend!

A quiet couple of days on the gardening front however daily inspections are showing new things coming up every day – the red onions, garlic & radishes are the latest to start appearing.

my haul from last night's slug hunt
my haul from last night’s slug hunt

The rhubarb and parsley seem to be getting chomped so last night we went out at dusk to collect a load of slugs to try out a natural slug repellent method that I found online – it involves a bucket, some weeds, tap water & slugs! (I had to use my veggie steamer as couldn’t find anything else with holes in the lid – the neighbours think us quirky enough as it is – bet they wondered what one earth we were up to!) Continue reading The war on Slugs begins – nematodes are my friend!