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Sometimes the snow comes down in May…

As I write this it’s snowing outside – I kid you not. We’ve had a pretty dry and sunny Spring with the occasional warm day thrown in and I’m desperate to get some of my seedlings out – with overnight temperatures of -3 forecast, I’ll need to hang fire a bit. Hurrah for the new greenhouse though. Continue reading Sometimes the snow comes down in May…

Drumelzier Old Manse – Open Day

On Sunday afternoon I was helping out at the Scotland’s Garden Scheme open day at Drumelzier Old Manse – I’d been excited about this one for quite a while as I’d seen photographs and knew it promised to be quite special. Continue reading Drumelzier Old Manse – Open Day

8 Halmyre Mains – Charity Open Day

A couple of weeks ago I helped out at the Scotland’s Gardens Scheme charity open day at Halmyre Mains. The garden is situated between Romano bridge, West Linton and La Mancha just on the edge of the Scottish Borders and they have been opening for SGS for a number of years. Continue reading 8 Halmyre Mains – Charity Open Day

Dunninald Castle

The rain showed no sign of abating but we were not to be deterred from our mission. Following Pitmuies, we headed along to Dunninald Castle, where not only did we get a brief period of light drizzle, we were also treated to a guided tour by owner Mary AND she gave us lunch #winning! Continue reading Dunninald Castle