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Things are starting to happen…

A quick look around the garden this past week has given us a lot of pleasure – we have things now flowering and producing edibles that we’ve never tried before and we’ve also had three indoor cacti flower – a complete first.

Apples are starting to form

One thing I’m most excited about is the apples, we planted the tree three years ago and for the first time had lots of blossom, guess the pruning worked. We didn’t know if it was self-pollinating but, looking at the apples now starting to form, I guess it is.

Tomatoes are looking great!

The tomatoes that we grew from seed are doing remarkably well and even more exciting, the test container using Chase organics SM5 tomato feed already has tomatoes, guess it’s safe to say that it works.

The potatoes are flowering

The potatoes are flowering. We planted Pink Fir Apples, Salad Blue, Epicure and Mayan Gold this year. As well as Oca and Jerusalem artichokes, we’ll have plenty of tubers that’s for sure.

A cucumber flower

The cucumber is flowering, a new thing we’re trying this year, It’s remarkably similar to a courgette with it’s spiky stem and leaves.

We have strawberries…

And mange tout, another new thing…


As well as lots of other edibles that are just quietly doing their thing just now. Here are the cactus flowers, so pretty…

Flowering Cactus Mammillaria



Chilean Guava – Ugni Molinae Flambeau (the variegated version)

I first heard about a Chilean Guava on The Great British Garden Revival – a fantastic programme if you didn’t catch it btw – and from that moment I was desperate to get one!


Apparently Queen Victoria’s favourite fruit, and commonplace in Victorian times – it’s said to taste like a cross between a strawberry, a pineapple and bubblegum or candyfloss. They’re also heavily fragranced – like wild strawberries.

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Chicken Coop is finally painted – whoop whoop!

5 weeks after building our chicken coop the weather was finally warm and dry enough for us to paint it with preservative. As you can see, Cosmo wasn’t going to let a bit of painting get in the way of a cuddle. Not quite sure when we’ll get chance to get the hens though as we’re busy the next couple of weekends.

IMG_3641 (1)

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Winter returns but we will not be defeated (well only a little bit)

Summer visited us throughout the week, thermals were cast aside and flip flops and shorts became the norm.¬†Garden purchases made last weekend arrived – a chicken coop, a potato barrel, a solitary bee house and a shed load of top soil, all ready for another glorious weekend in the garden….

….right up until Saturday morning when the snow returned (along with hail, rain and high winds), dashing all those plans. (Also, S had fallen over whilst assisting with the top soil delivery and cut his knee open so can barely walk).

Strawberries in their planter
Strawberries in their planter

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