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Relisted as a Top 10 UK Gardening Blog

I was thrilled to receive an email yesterday telling us that A Pentland Garden has been relisted in Vuelio’s Top 10 UK Gardening Blogs this year (it’s even snuck up a couple of places!)


I’ve had a wonderful time browsing the others from this list, whether they be galloping, thirsty, patient, frustrated or cynical, they all have great sites and I’ve subscribed to them all!

  1. The Patient Gardener
  2. The Frustrated Gardener
  3. the blackberry garden
  4. Real Men Sow (they deserve a prize for the name alone!)
  5. A Pentland Garden
  6. The Cynical Gardener
  7. The Middle-sized garden
  8. The Galloping Gardener
  9. Two Thirsty Gardeners
  10. Veg Plotting

Here’s the 2015 list in case you were interested, a number of familiar names but a few completely new ones too!

Top UK Gardening Blogs 2016

It was really lovely to receive an email this week telling us that our Pentland Garden Diary has been listed in magazine.co.uk’s Top UK Gardening Bloggers List for 2016. Amazing to see our humble journal being amongst some of the country’s gardening elite.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 08.43.49

On top of last year’s listing in Vuelio’s Top 10 UK Gardening Blogs it’s really quite astonishing. A big thank you to anyone who’s ever stopped by and hopefully you’ll continue to enjoy our, more grubby than green, fingered journey.